Our program is reflective of the children that attend and their needs and interests.

We believe children need care, attention and affection in a safe and healthy environment in order to develop a range of abilities to

  • Learn
  • Be self confident and have high self esteem
  • Have positive social skills to build successful relationships
  • Develop empathy
  • Have active, healthy lifestyles that impact the well being and stimulate mental abilities.

Our committed, highly respected team of teachers enables us to meet our centers philosophy and guiding principles on a daily basis this allows us to meet the needs of all children, emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually, language development and community and cultural awareness.  

We offer the children the opportunity to construct knowledge through daily experiences and encounters with teachers, peers, events and objects in the world.  This is how the children develop theories, negotiate learning and merge thoughts together, thereby building knowledge and understanding.

Our program is always evolving and changing, as we as teachers learn more and keep in tune with the latest research through ongoing professional development.

Our Enriched Curriculum is developed to embrace the whole learning of the child through play.  It is inclusive and can be adapted to the various developmental levels of the children.